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Date postedMay 22, 2017
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In my book NLP for Project Managers I show you how to develop a number of skills. But how did I arrive at that list? Here I relate the different sources of skills for PM and how I tested a list with stakeholders including Heads of Project Management, Recruiters, HR, Trainers, and of course PMs themselves.

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Method and process are important in project management, but knowing how to use them is even more so. Most project managers can increase their effectiveness most by developing their soft skills, recognising that finesse can be more effective than brute force. Once developed, they will find that their skills are much more transferable across not only project types, but whole industry sectors. This book showing the application of tools like NLP to develop competences will help you on that journey and will certainly whet your appetite for more. Peter’s lively style is compelling and benefits from his imaginative use of appropriate quotations and personal anecdotes. For me this book throws light on a major component of our journey towards greater professionalism in project management.
Bob Assirati