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Date postedMay 22, 2017
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In my book NLP for Project Managers I show you how to develop a number of skills. But how did I arrive at that list? Here I relate the different sources of skills for PM and how I tested a list with stakeholders including Heads of Project Management, Recruiters, HR, Trainers, and of course PMs themselves.

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Lindsay Scott‘I would struggle to recommend another book that covers the tricky subject of how we become better at the people aspects of project management. I think the mark of any good book is that you find yourself recommending it when in conversation with others, which is what happened just the other day. A friend, who is currently working in a change management environment, was talking about interesting times in her organisation. It was the age-old problem of a few “trouble makers” who are showing resistance to change. I piped up that there are loads of examples and approaches you could take with NLP, and there’s this book I’m reading…’
Lindsay Scott, Director, Arras People project management recruitment