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Date postedMay 22, 2017
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Meta-positions, sometimes called perceptual positions, is a very powerful life skill that will help you to understand other parties and flex your behaviours accordingly to get what you need out of business and social situations.

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Consistent feedback when we released early drafts of PRINCE2 was the need to describe those vital behavioural competences (or soft skills) that project managers require for successful project delivery. But it is not the remit of PRINCE2 to describe such skills as PRINCE2 is just a method, so we took the approach of sign-posting the additional competences that those involved in projects require. At last there is now a book that describes those skills, and more importantly in a way that puts them in context of project management. This book provides practical and easy to follow guidance on how to apply NLP techniques to a Project Manager’s every day work. I recommend every Project Manager reads this book (in addition to PRINCE2!)
Andy Murray CDirLead author PRINCE2 (2009 Refresh)Director, Outperform