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Date postedMay 22, 2017
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NLP offers a lot of useful tools and I share plenty of them in my book ‘NLP for Project Managers’. This one is about taking control of that inner critic that can sometimes undermine your confidence until you can train it.

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Angie BallFor me, the book on it’s own would not be enough, but having now completed 5 days of NLP4PM training with Peter Parkes, the book content has been taken to a different level. The techniques have come alive and their application is very clear, all I need to do now is practice. 5 days training based on the book has enabled me to significantly change my limiting beliefs but has also enabled me to understand how best to build rapport with people in a way that I would never have thought possible. I understand how the application of NLP techniques will change my approach to delivering very successful projects. I would recommend the book and the course to everyone. A very enlightening experience and one that I will never forget.
Angie Ball, Rolls Royce