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Date postedMay 22, 2017
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Slides from Dr Peter Parkes presentations to BCS Spring School for Project Managers and PMO SIGs 2012 conference. This presentation covers standard hard tools and methods for Project Management as well as soft skills and behavioural competences required. Many of the soft skills are NLP based from the book ‘NLP for Project Managers’

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We can now buy almost any car and expect it to work perfectly from the start – very different from a few decades ago. So why not aspire for a world in which every project succeeds? That involves organisational change and improved processes and systems, but primarily it is about people – their attitudes, behaviours and relationships. Project management professionals are already driving this cultural shift. This book, by an eminent practitioner of both Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Project Management, makes a valuable contribution by marrying the two fields to reinforce our understanding of how people can maximise their effectiveness in managing and responding to change. It provides interesting and useful insights for those at all stages in their career development. I am pleased to recommend it.
Mike NicholsChairman, Association for Project Management Board Member, Major Projects Association Chairman of BSI Standards Policy and Strategy Committee Chairman, The Nichols Group